The Beginning
IRCO Automation® was founded in 1963 as the Brantford Tool Company, manufacturing press brake dies and tooling. To supplement sales the company also manufactured irrigation equipment under the name Irrigation Company Ltd—as sales of this equipment grew, the company changed its name to IRCO Industries Limited.

Weld Positioning
In the mid 60’s, the company began manufacturing weld positioning equipment, and in 1989,
the company’s name became today’s IRCO Automation, to reflect not just its weld positioning products, but also the increasing level of controls automation added to the company’s core competencies.

Increased Manufacturing Capacity
In 2008, IRCO became the welding automation business unit of RoMan Manufacturing®, a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of welding transformers for a variety of industries and applications. Through this transaction, IRCO added a total of 31,000 sq. feet of manufacturing space in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Today, IRCO has an impressive portfolio of completed projects—from standard products to highly sophisticated design solution projects for many industry sectors and applications. Our present and future business would not be possible without the heritage represented by the equipment and projects developed in our formative years—some of which are featured below.
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