Made In North America

At IRCO Automation® we design, engineer and manufacture all our products in Burlington, Ontario, and Grand Rapids, Michigan. Through a set of high standards we deliver performance, durability and a robust ROI to our clients.

  • No recycled metals are used in the manufacturing of our products
  • Our product welding is done by certified welders
  • Products designed for full integration with present or future IRCO products
  • Replacement parts are sourced in North America
  • Electrical panels are built in-house and inspected to North American standards
  • We meet and/or exceed all ANSI [American National Standards Institute] safety requirements

Performance & Cost of Ownership

  • Safety, performance and cost-of-ownership are not compromised, for example:
  • Gears on positioners are cut, not forged
  • Turning roll wheels are of high-durability polyurethane, not low-grade/low rubber
  • IRCO equipment from as far back as the 1960’s is still in active service

Along with the quality of our products, we have earned the confidence of our customers through a firm commitment to building trusting relations through:

  • Customer Service—Site installation, on-site and remote trouble-shooting, and after sales service by company personnel
  • Experience—With 18,000 completed projects since 1962, we have a legacy rich in experience, application knowledge and product development for different environments
  • Re-Sale Value—Our equipment has a high resale value and is highly sought-after in the used-equipment market
  • Engineering—Our in-house design engineering team has extensive welding technology knowledge and experience ensure that the right equipment and solution is developed to meet customers’ specific needs.