Cantilevered Turning Rolls for Welding Boilers and Vessels

June 20, 2016

Weld Positioning Products

Cantilevered Turning Rolls for Welding Boilers

IRCO recently delivered a set of Cantilevered Turning Rolls for a manufacturer of boilers and small pressure vessels.  The paired set is capable of turning up to 70,000 lbs. and is specifically designed to rotate boilers during the welding of end-caps.

Rotating Around Protruding Nozzles

During manufacturing, the client’s boilers/vessels have multiple nozzles and extrusions welded to the surface of the can.  These nozzles stick out and require additional clearance during rotation.  The extrusions also limit the surface area available for the turning wheels to support sections of the can.

Cantilevered Design

A cantilever is a rigid construction extending horizontally beyond its vertical support.  IRCO’s Cantilevered Turning Rolls are designed so the frame is positioned outside the turning area.  The wheels “cantilever” out to support the two ends of the vessel and provide no obstructions to the nozzles during rotation (see image below for operational orientation).
Cantilevered Turning Rolls w Vessel

Large Diameter + Narrow Width Wheels

The rotational wheels on IRCO’s Cantilevered Turning Rolls have larger diameters and narrower widths when compared to IRCO’s standard turning rolls.  The larger diameter provides additional clearance and the narrower width allows for the placement of nozzles closer to either end of the can.

Spring Loaded Wheels on Rails

The turning rolls are placed on rails and include spring loaded track-wheels. This innovative design allows the rolls to be pushed by hand when no weight is present. Once the can is lowered onto the rolls the frames “sit down” and lock into place for welding.

Features: Cantilevered Turning Rolls

  • Safely supports and rotates 70,000 lbs boilers & vessels during the welding of end caps.
  • Spring loaded track-wheels allows the turning rolls to be pushed by hand, but then lock into place once a section of can is lowered on top.
  • Cantilevered design places the frame outside of the rotation area.
  • Larger diameter wheels provide additional vertical clearance for nozzles.
  • Narrower wheels allow manufacturers to place nozzles closer to either end of the vessel for final end-cap welding.
  • Can be integrated with rails, axial power and/or Column & Boom Weld Manipulators.


cantilevered turning rolls for welding boilers-irco automation
cantilevered turning rolls for welding boilers-irco automation