Custom Scissor Lift Turning Roll

April 17, 2017

Weld Positioning Products

IRCO recently delivered a custom designed power elevating turning roll. The 10,000 lbs. capacity turning roll can: hold, rotate, elevate and safely move stator rolls up to 43.5” in diameter. This machine was delivered in partnership with West Penn Laco, a preferred distributor partner of IRCO.

Mobile Scissor Lift Turning Rolls - Render Image - IRCO Automation

Power Elevating – Portable Design

The turning roll is integrated with a scissor lift base that is mounted on heavy duty caster wheels. The portable & mobile design allows the turning roll to be easily moved around the shop. When rotating the part, the caster wheels lock into place to provide a stable working platform. The scissor lift elevates up to 34” to accommodate different working heights. The rotational wheels are flanged & custom sized to provide support and stability when moving and rotating the heavy narrow part.

Mobile Scissor Lift Turning Rolls - IRCO Automation

Scissor Lift Turning Roll Features

  • 10,000 lbs. capacity
  • Variable speed rotation with 0.3 – 6.9 part RPM
  • Flanged wheels provide support & stability when moving & rotating the part
  • Scissor-lift base provides almost 3 feet of adjustable height lift
  • Caster wheels allow for easy movement of the turning roll

West Penn Laco

West Penn Laco is a preferred distributor partner of IRCO and Western Pennsylvania’s most trusted source for automotive refinishing, welding and industrial gas needs.