IRCO Automation provides weld positioning and welding automation systems for a variety of different industry segments & applications. Our equipment comes in many different sizes and levels of complexity but we specialize in providing welding automation solutions for large, heavy and/or cumbersome payloads and workpieces. Our solutions are used around the world; helping improve production throughput, weld quality and worker safety/ergonomics.

Welding Automation Solutions for Multiple Industry Sectors

We have highlighted some projects, grouped by key industry sectors, that IRCO has delivered in the past. Our philosophy is to start at the arc, making sure we understand the process and client requirements. We then work in partnership with the client to recommend and design a solution that meets their productivity, safety and ROI requirements.

IRCO Defense Contracting Industries Landing

Defense Contracting


IRCO Mobile Industries Landing

Mobile Equipment


IRCO Oil & Gas Industry

Oil, Gas & Energy


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Rail Car Fabrication

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Structural Steel