IRCO Automation Delivers Custom Heavy Weld Positioner for Brazilian Army

March 23, 2016

Weld Positioning Products

IRCO has partnered with BAE Systems to design, engineer, and manufacture a new 24,000lb, P3X Heavy Weld Positioner for the BAE M113 APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) upgrade & refurbishment project in Curitiba, Brazil.

The P3X-24 Positioner allows the operator to lift and rotate the M113 chassis to the optimal height and angle for welding and fabrication.  The IRCO designed fixture holds the chassis securely in place.  This fixture includes an operator platform, plus electrical and pneumatic service hook ups for increased worker productivity and safety.

This partnership is an indirect ITB project in conjunction with BAE Systems Upgrade of Bofors 57mm Naval Gun on Halifax Class Frigates.

P3X—Heavy Weld Positioner
Manufactured exclusively by IRCO, the P3X is a 3 axes welding positioner which can include an optional 4th axis of movement. The unique hydraulic design supports heavier payloads at greater offsets than conventional positioners while providing unsurpassed accessibility.  Multiple armed forces around the world have chosen the P3X to help them upgrade and refurbish their armored vehicles & personnel carriers.  Ideal for heavy, complex weldments; the P3X is used in the fabrication of large equipment for mining, farming and heavy industry.

IRCO’s Design Features and Benefits Include:

  • The ability to lift and rotate up to 24,000lbs
  • Limiting the tilt feature for increased worker safety
  • Specialty fixture to attach the M113 chassis for refurbishment
  • Integrated worker platform to allow safe and ergonomic access to the work zone
  • Electrical and pneumatic service hook ups for worker tools
  • Simple, intuitive controls for safe lifting and rotating (body mounted & tethered industrial pendant)
P3X Positioner

P3X—Heavy Weld Positioner in lower position

P3X Positioner

P3X—Heavy Weld Positioner in side position