3 Jaw Chucks

Built to withstand the robust conditions of the welding industry, IRCO 3 jaw self-centering welding chucks are specifically designed to secure heavy cylindrical weldments—they are proven every day in some of the largest mod yards and pipe spool fabricating facilities across North America.

Dependable Gripping of Parts

Our 3 jaw chuck body is equipped with:

  • An enclosed face for protection from weld spatter and flux contamination.
  • A self-centering mechanism that ensures the part remains centralized during rotation for consistent welds and quick change over.
  • A hardened and serrated chuck jaws—reversible from inside to outside diameter clamping allows for faster setup, greater versatility and stronger gripping force.
  • Precision machined components and gears for smooth accurate adjustment
Capacity & Dimensions 3JC-11 3JC-20 3JC-30 3JC-48 3JC-60
Outside Diameter Range (in) .375 – 11.25 2 – 20 2 – 30 2 – 48 3 – 60
Inside Diameter Range (in) 4.25 – 15 6 – 24 6 – 34 6 – 52 7 – 64
Machine Weight (lbs) 20 190 235 425 510
Clamping 3JC-11 3JC-20 3JC-30 3JC-48 3JC-60
Jaw Motion Self-Centering
Mechanical Drive Quick Jaw Mechanism Internal Cam Mechanism Internal Bevel Geartrain Mechanism Driving ACME Screws
Operation of Chuck Manual Torque Arm
Chuck Jaws Reversable Chuck Jaws Qty 3 Pin Adjustable HD Chuck Jaws
Gripping Inserts No Inserts Replaceable Carbide Tipped Serrated Inserts


**Reference purposes only. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Options – Accessories

Replacement Jaws

Additional Spare Chuck Jaws

Replacement Serrated Inserts

Carbide Tipped Serrated Inserts

Custom Jaws

Custom Built Chuck Jaws for Odd Shaped Weldments

Specialty Inserts

Specialty Inserts for Different Material Requirements

Factory Mounting

Mounting of Chuck to Positioner