Weld Manipulators


IRCO weld manipulators are designed to deliver precision and rigidity when mechanically positioning the welding arc.  We have a depth of experience integrating weld manipulator systems with different welding processes in a variety of industry applications, including pipe and tank/vessel fabrication, and tanker car manufacturing.  In addition, our weld manipulator systems can integrate customized and calibrated welding, tracking, vision and control systems. IRCO weld manipulators significantly improve welding quality, enhance productivity and operator safety.


Capacity & DimensionsCBWM-0606-x-FCBWM-0909-x-FCBWM-1212-x-FCBWM-1515-x-FCBWM-1818-x-F
Vertical Stroke (ft)69121518
Boom Stroke (ft)69121518
Capacity on Boom End (lbs)500 / 1,000500 / 1,000750 / 1,500750 / 1,500750 / 1,500
Column Travel Speed (ipm)5050454545
Boom Travel Speed (ipm)8-1008-1008-1008-1008-100
Base Rotation360°360°360°360°360°
Boom Center Height Min (in)14.524.331.531.531.5
Boom Center Height Max (in)86.5132.3175.5211.5247.5
Overall Height (in)113.5167212.1248.1284.1
Overall Length (in)97.8143193.5
Machine Weight w/o Base (lbs)2,0003,0005,000
Free Standing Cross Base0606-x-X0909-x-X1212-x-X1515-x-X1818-x-X
Base Height w/ Bearing (in)7911.611.611.6
Base Overall Footprint (in)100 x 100100 x 100128 x 130128 x 130128 x 130
Boom Center Height Min (in)21.533.343.143.143.1
Boom Center Height Max (in)93.5141.3187.1223.1259.1
Manual Travel Cart0606-x-M0909-x-M
Rail RequirementV Rail
(51in C-C)
60# Rail Track
(60in C-C)
Manual Travel Cart Height (in)1217
Boom Center Height Min (in)26.541.3
Boom Center Height Max (in)98.5149.3
Powered Travel Cart0606-x-C0909-x-C1212-x-C1515-x-C1818-x-C
Rail Requirement (in)V Rail
(51in C-C)
60# Rail Track
(60in C-C)
60# Rail Track
(72in C-C)
80# Rail Track
(72in C-C)
80# Rail Track
(72in C-C)
Powered Travel Cart Height (in)1217191919
Boom Center Height Min (in)26.541.350.550.550.5
Boom Center Height Max (in)98.5149.3194.5230.5266.5
Travel Cart Speed (ipm)8-1008-1008-1008-1008-100
Electrical / OtherCBWM-0606CBWM-0909CBWM-1212CBWM-1515CBWM-1818
Input Power Required460V/3/60Hz, 575/3/60Hz
Control Functions– Lift Direction, Boom Direction
Operator Controls– Push-Button Pendant [25ft]
Welding ApplicationSingle Arc / Twin Arc / Tandem Arc
Wire Mounting1-2 Spools – Mounted on Front or Rear / Bulk Wire Floor or Base Mounted
SafetyCBWM models include a Mechanically Spring Tensioned – Anti Fall Mechanism for the Boom


**Reference purposes only. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Options – Accessories

Operator Interface

IRCO offers multiple control packages which can be tailored specifically to meet the automation requirements of a certain application. IRCO offers everything from push button pendants to custom touch screen HMI controls. The advantage is allowing the user the flexibility to configure the interface of the weld manipulator based on the application. The IRCO interface consolidates the controls of the welding and positioning equipment to a single industrial touch screen.

LED Digital Display

IRCO systems are offered with optional LED digital speed read outs for improved consistency when controlling travel or rotation speeds based on weld parameters.


IRCO slides deliver fine controlled movement of the torch head in the X and Y axes. Designed and manufactured to withstand the harsh elements of heavy manufacturing. IRCO slides are offered in both manual/powered motion, multiple stroke lengths and weight capacities for specific applications.

90° Swivel Mounts

IRCO 90° swivel mounts are designed to adjust the orientation of a mechanized weld head +90° 0 -90° on the vertical axis. The swivel mount eliminates any adjustment or remounting of auxiliary equipment on the weld head that may be required to accommodate alternate configurations. IRCO swivel mounts are predominately used to adjust the mechanized weld head between circumferential and longitudinal welds.

Seam Tracking

IRCO integrates industry leading tracking systems for mechanized welding using laser and mechanical probe technologies. IRCO has extensive experience integrating tracking systems in many industry applications.

Weld Camera Viewing Systems

IRCO integrates high definition weld camera viewing systems for remote weld monitoring, quality control and safety. IRCO offers the latest technologies in both open and submerged arc viewing systems for a wide array of applications.

Flux Recovery

IRCO integrates submerged arc flux recovery systems including both pressurized and gravity fed. IRCO uses industry leading flux systems that are proven in performance and reliability.

Cable Management

IRCO offers complete cable management systems to protect cable and hosing from the harsh elements. IRCO uses industry leading energy chain cable carriers from suppliers that are proven within heavy manufacturing.

Weld Package Integration

IRCO offers complete turnkey weld package integration for mechanized welding systems. IRCO has extensive experience in detailing/mounting both standard and customized weld heads.

Turnkey System Installation

IRCO offers turnkey system installation. IRCO has dedicated experienced personnel to provide installation support from setup to operator training.