Paired Sets

IRCO paired head and tail stocks are designed to provide full rotational access along the horizontal axis for positioning long heavy weldments with large offsets.  They are available both in manual and power elevating options—the latter, are fully synchronized via PLC controls for maintaining a precise, constant centerline. Tail stocks can also be rail mounted to accommodate varying part lengths.

Capacity & DimensionsHS/TS-1.5HS/TS-3HS/TS-4.5HS/TS-6HS/TS-10HS/TS-16HS/TS-24
Load Capacity HS or TS (lbs)1,5003,0004,5006,00010,00016,00024,000
Load Capacity – HS + TS (lbs)3,0006,0009,00012,00020,00032,00048,000
Distance Off Output Table (in)4612
Axial Offset – Center (in): HS Only4121212121212
Axial Offset (in): HS & TS2366666
Rotation AxisHS/TS-1.5HS/TS-3HS/TS-4.5HS/TS-6HS/TS-10HS/TS-16HS/TS-24
Rotational Torque (,00018,00054,00072,000120,000192,000288,000
Rotational Variable Speed (rpm)0.02 – 1.40.15 – 1.50.15 – 1.50.08 – 1.20.08 – 1.20.05 – 0.750.05 – 0.75
Table Size – Square (in)30363642485454
Grounding400 Amp – Brush Ground, Rotary Ground (available in Amperage from 600A to 2,000A)
Spindle Options – Solid
– Hollow (To pass through services for output accessories. e.g. electrical/hydraulic)
– Extended (Allows for optional Caliper Brake to be installed on Tailstock)
Electrical ControlsHS/TS-1.5HS/TS-3HS/TS-4.5HS/TS-6HS/TS-10HS/TS-16HS/TS-24
Input Power Required110/1/60Hz 460V/3/60Hz, 575/3/60Hz
Control Functions – Rotate, Speed, Optional (Elevation),  E-Stop
– Optional Full Integration to IRCO Mechanized Welding Systems
Operator Control1.5-M: Frame Mounted PB Controls + Footswitch
1.5-P: PB Pendant + Footswitch
– Optional HMI Integrated Controls
– Push-Button (PB) Pendant [15ft]
– Optional Footswitch (Rotation) [15ft]
– Optional HMI Integrated Controls (Chassis Mounted or Remote Touch Screen Pendant)
Manual Elevation1.5-M3-M4.5-M6-M10-M16-M24-M
Minimum Center Axis (in)18343436365055
Maximum Center Axis (in)36525266728691
Footprint: L x W x H (in)30 x 46 x 4640 x 52 x 62
Power Elevation1.5-P3-P4.5-P6-P10-P16-P24-P
Minimum Center Axis (in)323236384040
Maximum Center Axis (in)626872868892
Weight: Head Stock (lbs)3,6004,0008,9009,80012,00012,500
Weight: Tail Stock (lbs)3,3003,7008,5009,4009,70012,000


**Reference purposes only. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Options – Accessories

Operator Interface

Control Packages Can Be Tailored Specifically to Meet the Automation Requirements of Specific Applications

Foot Switch

Single/Dual Foot Switch Styles

LED Digital Speed Display

Improved Consistency when Controlling Travel or Rotation Speeds Based on Weld Parameters.

Weld Ground

Rotary Ground, Brush Ground

Rail Mounted

Tail stocks Can Also be Rail Mounted to Accommodate Varying Part Lengths.

Caliper Brake

Optional Caliper Brake for Added Safety Redundancy.

Drop Center Beam

Custom Drop Center Beam for Tooling

Custom Centerline

Custom Centerline Height Range

System Integration

Full integration to IRCO mechanized welding systems