2-Axis Gimbal Positioners

Unique to IRCO, the P2X gimbal positioner is designed with significantly more application functionality than traditional welding positioners. The P2X has an offset beam which allows greater accessibility—it delivers 360 deg. of tilt and 360 deg. of rotation, while traditional welding positioner deliver only 135 deg. of tilt and 360 deg. rotation. The increased accessibility offered by the P2X is widely used in pipe fabrication where increased accessibility, improved welding quality, enhanced productivity and operator safety are critical factors for payloads up to 4,000lbs.

Base Model – Capacity P2XG-1.5 P2XG-3 P2XG-4
Load Capacity (lbs) 1,500 3,000 4,000
Distance Off Output Table (in) 4 6 6
Axial Offset: Center Axis (in) 4 6 6
Inherent Overhang (in) 5 5 5
Rotate Pedastal Axis P2XG-1.5 P2XG-3 P2XG-4
Height of Table in Horizontal Orientation 36 38.31 38.31
Axis Angle Relative to Vertical Plane (deg.) -30°
Rotate Axis Angle Adjustment (deg.) 360°
Rotate Table Axis P2XG-1.5 P2XG-3 P2XG-4
Rotational Torque (in.lb) 6000 18000 24000
Variable Rotational Speed (rpm) 0.05 – 2.5 0.15 – 1.5 0.15 – 1.5
Output Table Size – Round (in) 24 36
Grounding 400 Amp Rotary or Brush Ground (available in Amperage from 600A to 2,000A)
Spindle Options – Solid
– Hollow (Allows pass-through of services to output accessories. e.g. electrical/hydraulic, etc.)
Electrical Controls P2XG-1.5 P2XG-3 P2XG-4
Input Power Required 110V/1/60Hz 460V/3/60Hz, 575/3/60Hz
Control Functions – Pedestal Rotate, Table Rotate, Table Speed, E-Stop
– Optional Full Integration to IRCO Column & Boom Welding Systems
Operator Controls Frame mounted PB Controls + Footswitch – Push-Button (PB) Pendant [15ft]
– Optional Footswitch (Rotation) [15ft]


**Reference purposes only. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Options – Accessories

Operator Interface

Control Packages Can Be Tailored Specifically to Meet the Automation Requirements of Specific Applications

Foot switch

Single/Dual Foot Switch Styles

LED Digital Speed Display

Improved Consistency when Controlling Travel or Rotation Speeds Based on Weld Parameters.

Weld Ground

Rotary Ground, Brush Ground


Heavy Duty Casters Available for Certain Capacity Positioners

3 Jaw Chuck

Heavy Duty 3 Jaw Welding Chucks

Elbow Jig

Pipe Elbow Jig Fixtures

Pipe Stand

Height/Diameter Adjustable Pipe Stands

System Integration

Full integration to IRCO mechanized welding systems