Bench Top Positioners

IRCO Bench Top Positioners are designed for lighter duty fabrication with capacities from 500lbs – 1000lbs. Designed with two axes of movement, tilt and rotation, they allow the operator to easily position the workpiece into the optimal hand welding position. Our welding positioners are used in a variety of industry segments but are most prominently used in the oil, gas and energy sector, for: pipe welding, fitting and spooling fabrication. The simplicity of operation of IRCO Bench Top Positioners deliver increased accessibility, improved welding quality, enhanced productivity and operator safety.

Base Model – CapacityPBT-0.5-MPBT-0.5-PPBT-1-P
Load Capacity (lbs)5005001,000
Distance Off Output Table (in)444
Axial Offset off Center Axis (in)444
Inherent Overhang (in)
Overall Footprint: L x W x H (in)31 x 27 x 2636 x 31 x 2637 x 32 x 28
Tilt AxisPBT-0.5-MPBT-0.5-PPBT-1-P
Tilt Axis Angle Adjustment (deg.)0-135°0-135°0-135°
Tilt Torque (,2508,500
Rotation AxisPBT-0.5-MPBT-0.5-PPBT-1-P
Rotational Torque (,0002,0002,000
Rotational Speed (rpm)0.15 – 30.15 – 30.15 – 3
Table Size – Round (in)
Grounding– 400 Amp– 400 Amp
Spindle Options– Hollow– Hollow
Electrical ControlsPBT-0.5-MPBT-0.5-PPBT-1-P
Input Power Required110/1/60Hz110/1/60Hz110/1/60Hz
Control Functions
– Manual Tilt
– Rotate, Speed (for Rotate), E-Stop
– Rotate, Tilt, Speed (for Rotate), E-Stop
Operator Controls
– Frame Mounted Push-Button Controls
– Footswitch (Rotation) [15ft]
– Push-Button Pendant & Footswitch (Rotation) [15ft]


**Reference purposes only. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Options – Accessories

Operator Interface

Control Packages Can Be Tailored Specifically to Meet the Automation Requirements of Specific Applications

Foot switch

Single/Dual Foot Switch Styles

Weld Ground

Enhanced Amperage Capacities (Rotary Ground, Brush Ground)


Heavy Duty Casters Available for Certain Capacity Positioners

3 Jaw Chuck

Heavy Duty 3 Jaw Welding Chucks

Elbow Jig

Pipe Elbow Jig Fixtures

Pipe Stand

Height/Diameter Adjustable Pipe Stands

System Integration

Full integration to IRCO mechanized welding systems