SAW Welding Tractors

IRCO submerged arc welding tractors are self-propelled mechanized welding systems designed to offer consistent and repeatable welds. It is available in several configurations based on weld process and industry application.

Cast Aluminum Body & Rigid-Knock Down Post
For optimal weld consistency, the cast aluminum body and rigid post design maximize the CG orientation of the SAW equipment. The available knock down post configuration allows for quick set up and disassembly as well as entry through limited ID man ways for tanks and vessels.

Multiple Options
For optimal control and improved torque for pulling long leads the IRCO tractor is available in multiple drive configurations including 2WD, 4WD and Steerable options. The tractor is also available with various controls options including LED speed readout, weld engage and disengage, and forward-stop-reverse.

The IRCO tractor is used in many industries and for diverse applications such as shipbuilding, structural steel, tank and vessel and tanker car manufacturing, and transportation.

Capacity & Dimensions SAT-2WS SAT-2WD SAT-4WD
Body Style Cast Aluminum – 4 Wheel
Welding Procedures SAW SAW / Tandem SAW SAW / Tandem SAW
Speed Range (ipm) 8 – 72 8 – 72 8 – 72
Drive Components Manual Clutch
Steering Angle (deg) ± 15° Lockable
Wheel Style
6″ High Temp Rubber Bonded to Aluminum
Travel Guides Standard 2 Adjustable Guide Bars
Footprint: L x W x H (in) 25 x 46 x 43 25 x 46 x 43 25 x 46 x 43
Weight – Body Only (lbs) 75 80 80
Operational Weight (lbs) Single 340 340 340
Operational Weight (lbs) Tandem 535 535
Accessories SAT-2WS SAT-2WD SAT-4WD
Vertical Torch Adjustment (in) Nominal, 3″ (fine)
Horizontal Torch Adjustment (in) 3″ (fine)
Cross Slide Load Capacity 250
Cross Slide Adjustment Manual Handcrank
Post Option
– Std One Piece Aluminum with Adjustable Clamps
– Optional 3pc Knock Down Aluminum
Tethered Cable Strain Relief Standard
Lift Access Crane Hoist Lifting Eye
Torch Alignment Optional Laser Diode
Wire Conduit Integrated Wire Conduit with Quick Disconnects
Electrical Controls SAT-2WS SAT-2WD SAT-4WD
Input Power Required 110V/1/60Hz, 24VAC, 24VDC, 90VDC
Machine Control
– Forward / Reverse
– Speed (10 Pot Potentiometer)
– LED Readout for Speed Control (ipm)
– Optional Precise Rotary Dial for Setting Weld Speed
Controls Tethered Joystick (30ft)
Integration Can be integrated w/ Miller, ESAB, Lincoln weld control packages


**Reference purposes only. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Options – Accessories

Operator Interface

Control Packages Can Be Tailored Specifically to Meet the Automation Requirements of Specific Applications

LED Digital Speed Display

Improved Consistency when Controlling Travel or Rotation Speeds Based on Weld Parameters.


Manual/Powered Motion, Multiple Stroke Lengths and Weight Capacities

Flux Recovery System

Pressure Fed, Gravity Fed Systems

Laser Diode

Visual Torch Positioning Reference

Cable Dollies

Cable Dollies for Improved Cable Management

System Integration

Full Integration w/ Miller, ESAB, Lincoln Weld Control Packages