Self-Aligning Turning Rolls

May 23, 2016

Weld Positioning Products

TRSA: Self-Aligning Turning Rolls

This week’s feature product is the TRSA: Self-Aligning Turning Rolls.  Our latest set was sold as part of a tank fit-up system that will be used to build custom storage tanks for industrial applications.  IRCO’s Self-Aligning Turning Rolls are designed to support tanks, vessels or large diameter pipes and can handle weights of up to 750,000 lbs.

Automatically Adjust to Different Tank Sizes

The TRSA rolls automatically adjust to safely support different pipe/tank diameters.  This saves time by eliminating the need to re-position the Turning Roll wheel’s center when moving to different diameter tanks.

More Surface Area Gripping the Vessel Section

The four-wheel swing design means there is more surface area in contact with the vessel section.  This provides better grip and support when turning large vessels.

Integrate with PLC/HMI Controls and/or a full Fit-up system

The Self-Aligning Turning Rolls come standard with a pendant control.  IRCO often integrates self-aligning turning rolls with axial powered travel, CBWM-Manipulator’s and material fit-up systems to further improve manufacturing efficiencies.

TRSA-45 Self-Aligning Turning Rolls

TRSA-45 Self-Aligning Turning Rolls

TRSA, Turning rolls with Fit-up System

TRSA, Turning rolls with Fit-up System

IRCO’s Design Features and Benefits Include:

  • Reduces setup time & offers more support area to the workpiece
  • Often used in manufacturing large vessels, tankers, rail cars, cement trucks & wind towers
  • TRSA product line can handle vessels/tanks/large pipes ranging from 1’ to 20’
  • Models range from 10,000 lbs to 250,000 lbs. With two idlers, it can hold up to 750,000 lbs
  • Offer a constant and infinitely adjustable centerline
  • Can be integrated with rails, axial power, Manipulator(s) and/or as part of a fit-up system