Steerable Weld Tractor

June 7, 2016

Weld Positioning Products

SAT-2WS: 2WD Steerable Weld Tractor

The SAT-2WS is designed to handle Single & Tandem Arc welding processes and is available with a self-contained flux delivery/recovery system.  This tractor is rear wheel driven with the front wheels having a steering mechanism that allows the operator to swivel and lock the turning angle.  This machine is currently in-stock and available for immediate sale.

Rugged Body

The body and frame are designed to provide a strong, durable and extremely stable welding platform.  A lightweight cast aluminum base houses the powerful motor and electrical controls.  The specially reinforced frame holds all the weld equipment.  The center of gravity on a fully loaded frame assembly is located within the wheelbase.  This ensures a safe, stable platform without having to modify the frame and/or add counter weights.

Flexible Design

The SAT-2WS is a steerable model that can be adjusted to follow the circumference of large field tanks or to align flat fillet/butt welds.  It’s available with an optional 3-piece knock-down center post with “quick disconnect” clamps.  This allows operators to easily collapse the assembly to enter tanks/vessels and perform final internal circumferential welds.

2WD Steerable SubArc Weld Tractor

2WD Steerable SubArc Weld Tractor

2WD Steerable Weld Tractor with Display Highlighted

2WD Steerable Weld Tractor with Display Highlighted\

IRCO’s Design Features and Benefits Include:

  • A sturdy cast aluminum body carries a frame that provides a balanced load and prevents the tractor from becoming unstable. The Tandem Arc model can safely carry over 500 lbs.
  • The optional 3-piece knock-down post makes it easy to assemble and disassemble for bringing the tractor into tight places such as the interior of a vessel.
  • IRCO’s SubArc tractors can be configured with any power supply and/or weld equipment supplier.
  • Typical industries include shipbuilding, structural steel, tank and vessel and tanker car manufacturing.
  • Controls include Forward/Reverse, Speed Potentiometer, LED speed readout (in ipm). It can also be tied in with a weld controller to sync the weld start with the tractor movement (shown above).